WHO Guide to Mental and Neurological Health in Primary Care
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The full-text of the second edition of the WHO Guide to Mental and Neurological Health in Primary Care, plus a range of leaflets aimed at health professionals and patients, will be made available in this section of the site in the near future. Documents can be downloaded in two formats:

i. rtf - rich text files will open in most word processing packages (including Mac-based systems)
ii.pdf - portable document format files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Patient Resources
Management strategies useful for a large number of disorders
Solving problems and achieving goals (rtf) (pdf)
Learning to relax (rtf) (pdf)
Coping with side-effects of medication (rtf) (pdf)
Acute stress reaction
Psychological responses to traumatic stress: what to expect (rtf) (pdf)
Alcohol misuse
Responsible drinking guidelines (rtf) (pdf)
How to cut down on your drinking (rtf) (pdf)
Anxiety disorders
Anxiety (rtf) (pdf)
Dealing with anxious thinking (rtf) (pdf)
Overcoming particular fears (phobias) (rtf) (pdf)
Helping someone else overcome a phobia (rtf) (pdf)
Distinguishing between a panic attack and a heart attack (rtf) (pdf)
Bipolar disorder
What is bipolar disorder? (rtf) (pdf)
Lithium toxicity (rtf) (pdf)
Depression (rtf) (pdf)
Activity planning (rtf) (pdf)
Dealing with depressive thinking (rtf) (pdf)
Ideas for enjoyable things to do (rtf) (pdf)
Drug misuse
Harm minimization: advice about safer drug use (rtf) (pdf)
Sample drug-use diary (rtf) (pdf)
What you may expect after an acute episode of psychosis (rtf) (pdf)
What is schizophrenia? (rtf) (pdf)
Coping with difficult behaviour (rtf) (pdf)
Early warning signs form (rtf) (pdf)
Sleep problems
Sleep problems (rtf) (pdf)
Unexplained physical complaints
Unexplained physical problems (rtf) (pdf)


Checklists for professionals
CAGE questionnaire: screen for alcohol misuse (rtf) (pdf)
AUDIT questionnaire: screen for alcohol misuse (rtf) (pdf)
Abbreviated mental test score: screen for dementia (rtf) (pdf)
Social and living skills checklist: to assess the adequacy of the care plan in chronic, severe illness (rtf) (pdf)
Main text
Introduction (rtf) (pdf)
Prevalence of disorders (rtf) (pdf)
General referral criteria for mental disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Learning disability (rtf) (pdf)
Legal issues (rtf) (pdf)
Mental health in your practice (rtf) (pdf)
Psychological therapies (rtf) (pdf)
Sources of primary mental healthcare training (rtf) (pdf)
Template charts for local resources (rtf) (pdf)
Resource directory (rtf) (pdf)
Acknowledgements (rtf) (pdf)
Adult disorders - guides
Acute psychotic disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Adjustment disorder (including acute stress reaction) (rtf) (pdf)
Alcohol misuse (rtf) (pdf)
Bereavement and loss (rtf) (pdf)
Bipolar disorder (rtf) (pdf)
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or CFS/ME) (rtf) (pdf)
Chronic mixed anxiety and depression (rtf) (pdf)
Chronic (persistent) psychotic disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Delirium (rtf) (pdf)
Dementia (rtf) (pdf)
Depression (rtf) (pdf)
Dissociative (conversion) disorder (rtf) (pdf)
Domestic violence and partner abuse (rtf) (pdf)
Drug use disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Eating disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Adult disorders - guides (continued)
Epilepsy (rtf) (pdf)
Generalized anxiety (rtf) (pdf)
Multiple sclerosis (rtf) (pdf)
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (rtf) (pdf)
Panic disorder (rtf) (pdf)
Parkinson's disease (rtf) (pdf)
Personality (behavioural) disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Phobic disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Post-traumatic stress disorder (rtf) (pdf)
Postnatal disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Self-harm (rtf) (pdf)
Sexual disorders (female) (rtf) (pdf)
Sexual disorders (male) (rtf) (pdf)
Postnatal disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Self-harm (rtf) (pdf)
Sexual disorders (female) (rtf) (pdf)
Sexual disorders (male) (rtf) (pdf)
Sleep problems (rtf) (pdf)
Smoking cessation (rtf) (pdf)
Stroke and transient ischaemic attack (rtf) (pdf)
Unexplained somatic complaints (rtf) (pdf)
References (adult disorders only) (rtf) (pdf)
Child disorders - guides
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (rtf) (pdf)
Autism spectrum disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Bereavement and loss in childhood (rtf) (pdf)
Bullying (rtf) (pdf)
Child abuse and neglect (rtf) (pdf)
Conduct disorder (rtf) (pdf)
Deliberate self-harm (rtf) (pdf)
Depressive disorder in adolescents (rtf) (pdf)
Eating disorders (rtf) (pdf)
Emotional disorders with onset specific to childhood (rtf) (pdf)
School refusal (rtf) (pdf)
Substance misuse in young people (rtf) (pdf)
Unexplained medical symptoms (including chronic fatigue) (rtf) (pdf)
References (child & adolescent only) (rtf) (pdf)



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