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Resources for patients and families

Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture
Website: http://www.torturecare.org.uk
Provides survivors of torture with medical treatment, social assistance and psychotherapeutic support.

CombatStress 01372 841 600
Email: contactus@combatstress.org.uk; website: http://www.combatstress.com.
Supports men and women discharged from the armed services and merchant navy who suffer from mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Has a regional network of welfare officers who visit people at home or in hospital.

Refugee Support Centre 020 7820 3606
Counsels refugees, asylum seekers. Gives training and information to health and social care professionals on psychosocial needs of refugees.

Victim Support 0845 3030 900 (support line 9 am–9pm, Monday–Friday; 9am–7pm, Saturday and Sunday; 9am–5pm, bank holidays)
Email: contact@victimsupport.org.uk; website: http://www.victimsupport.org.uk
Provides emotional support and practical information for anyone who has suffered the effects of crime, regardless of whether the crime has been reported.

Rape Crisis Federation 0115 900 3560 (9am–5pm, Monday–Friday)
Email: info@rapecrisis.co.uk; website: http://www.rapecrisis.co.uk

Women against Rape 020 7482 2496
Email: war@womenagainstrape.net; website: http://www.womenagainstrape.net
Fear Fighter http://www.fearfighter.com
Self-help guidance plus the option of live helpline advice, if you get stuck.

Living With Fear by Isaac Marks, 2nd edition. McGraw Hill, 2001, tel: 01628 252 700; Email: orders@mcgraw-hill.co.uk.
Self-help manual. Includes help with fear and avoidance symptoms of PTSD.

Overcoming Traumatic Stress by Claudia Herbert and Ann Wetmore. London: Robinson Publishing, 1999.

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