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Presenting complaints

Most people have occasional headache, and regard it as normal. Headache becomes a problem at some time in the lives of about 40% of people in the UK. The patient with headache presents with bothersome recurrent or unremitting headache which may be associated with other symptoms.

Such headaches:

  • are debilitating and disabling
  • impair quality of life
  • engender fears of serious pathology.

The headache disorders encountered in general practice are:

  • Migraine, which occurs in 12-15% of the UK population, in women more than men in a ratio of 3:1 (ref 140).
  • Tension-type headache, which affects >80% of people from time to time (ref 141) but recurs frequently in a small minority. In 2-3% of adults it is chronic (ref 142), occurring on more days than not.
  • Cluster headache, an intense and frequently recurring but short-lasting headache affecting 1 in 1,000 men and 1 in 6,000 women.
  • Medication-overuse headache, a chronic daily headache occurring in up to 3% of adults, affecting 5 women to each man, and some children. This is a secondary headache, but it occurs only as a complication of a pre-existing primary headache disorder (usually migraine).
  • A large number of other secondary headaches, some serious but which overall account for <1% of presenting patients.



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Last edited: 2/2/2004

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