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Orgasmic dysfunction or retarded ejaculation

Essential information for patient and partner

Persistent or recurrent delay in/absence of orgasm, following the normal excitement phase. The man typically feels aroused at the beginning, but thrusting gradually becomes a chore and less pleasurable.

This is a more difficult condition to treat; however, if ejaculation can be brought about in some way (eg through masturbation) the prognosis is better. Can be secondary to medication (eg antidepressants) or regular alcohol use.

General management and advice to patient and partner

Consider the patient’s age and whether stimulation is adequate in focus, intensity and duration. Recommend exercises, such as self-pleasuring and penile stimulation with body oil, use of vibrator or masturbation close to the point of orgasm, plus use of sexual fantasy, followed by vaginal penetration shortly before ejaculatory ‘point of no return’. Continue practice, and on repeated attempts try to penetrate progressively sooner.

Last edited: 12/1/2004

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