WHO Guide to Mental and Neurological Health in Primary Care
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Foreword to second edition

We are very pleased to support this second edition of the WHO Guide to Mental and Neurological Health in Primary Care.

The first edition was a UK adaptation of the ‘Diagnostic and Management Guidelines for Mental Disorders in Primary Care: ICD-10 Chapter V’. Published in 2000, it has proved
invaluable as an easily and speedily accessible guide for primary-care professionals to help in the immediate care of their patients, as a resource for more detailed reference,
and as a source of practical information and resources for patients and their families. It is also commonly found on the desks of staff in specialist teams, although it was primarily written for the needs of general practice. The first edition was signposted in the National Service Framework for Mental Health as a resource to help primary-care teams in delivering Standard Two and contributing to Standard Four. It has sold out several times, going into a number of reprints, and has now sold over 30 000 copies. In addition it is in the National Electronic Library for Mental Health and receives around 200 hits a day. Last year, the Department of Health commissioned a second edition. Like the first edition, it has been produced by an extensive process of review and consensus, involving primary-care professionals, specialists, academics and user organizations.

The result is an expanded guide which reflects not only recent developments in the evidence base and clinical practice, but also includes whole new sections on the disorders of childhood and adolescence, personality disorder, self harm, domestic violence and sexual abuse. The issues of differential diagnosis and/or comorbidity with mental disorders and a number of common neurological disorders including stroke are also included altogether making this a truly comprehensive resource for generalist staff.

We hope that use of this guide continues to support good practice, communication and collaboration among all who have a stake in the provision of good primary mental and neurological health care.

Lesley Southgate
President, The Royal College of General Practitioners

Sylvia Denton
President, The Royal College of Nursing

Charles Warlow
Chair, Royal College of Physicians Joint Specialty Committee for Neurology

Mike Shooter
President, The Royal College of Psychiatrists

André Tylee
Professor of Primary Care Mental Health, Institute of Psychiatry and Chairman, Primary Care Board, National Institute for Mental Health in England

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